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The Why Collaboration as envisioned by Debbie Harry and Scooter LaForge

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"Because, just because was always the fall back but still we can't help but wonder and ask the question “why?” Maybe there is no simple answer but we all need to know why and we will ask for an answer because we are the human race and we search and pursue solutions. Survival is everything for us which automatically asks the question WHY?" —Debbie Harry

"I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Debbie Harry and Blondie for over a decade.

When Debbie asked me to collaborate on the Why?collection, my first thoughts were for the images to be bold and expressive.

I started adding colors to an iconic image of Debbie—my inspiration turned to the Russian Constructivists and their angular, graphic take on art.

Debbie provided the words and statements in the collection and gave me complete freedom to incorporate them as I saw fit. The messaging included a mutually agreed upon emphasis on the importance of voting in the upcoming elections.

Why? is a question I think lingered in many people’s minds during the past few months. Deaths from Covid, the events leading to Black Lives Matters protests, the exuberance of color within nature’s respite from humanity…all of these ideas came to mind.

In the end, this is the image I came up with. Its general message is clear: love is most necessary right now."

Scooter LaForge September 2020